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Are you First-Time Customer?

Are you First-Time Customer?

Welcome to Kgirl Escort World.
My name is Booker Gray and I manage your appointment with my flowers.

For Veteran. (P411, HX, Private Delights, TER)
If it is not your first time using Escort service, please send me your Name, Age, Race. I also need 2 recent references. SF, LV, OC reference work with me. If you are a member of P411, HX or Private Delights, you can see my flowers easily.

For Veteran's friends.
If you have a friend who already used my service, he can help you. Just send me his name and phone number. He should be your real friend. Online friend doesn't work for your reference.

For First-Time Guest.
Please check out the reference sites below. Sign up the community and meet somebody more than 3 times. And then I can verify you.

For reference sites.
1. https://www.theeroticreview.com
2. https://www.humaniplex.com
3. I don't trust PrivateDelights  any more. (20% of customers are Rude and bad.)

Sorry. We do not accept new customers. Please try other Kgirl agency in LA and send me 2 references.

I want to introduce a new community. This community will verify you and will make your life much easier. After you sign up, contact providers on the website. Kgirls do strict  screen, but other races are easy.

Please remember this before you visit us.
I am not that far from my flowers. Do not hurt them. No Drug. No Toy. No Crime. No Video Recording.

Please be nice and gentle.


(Sep 17th 2020, Last updated)

** You can make private email
1) proton.me

  Booker Gray's Profile

Name: Booker Gray
Email: bookergray789@gmail.com
Phone: (213) 219-9575
Languages: English, Korean (한국어)
Location: WLA, Mid-Wilshire, DTLA, OC
HX ID: DTLA_gray
Line: bookergray
WeChat: bookergray
Kakao Talk: bookertom
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